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Looking for potential electrical cabinet lock market should pay attention to what?

Author:   Time:2015/1/22 8:54:36

To demand the origin Looking for potential market

Electrical cabinet lock a considerable number of enterprises in the development of commodity concept, all think that the customer is need the goods itself, the defect is "goods" of thinking, ignore the fundamental demand of the customers, any commodity concept must be "demand", if violates the law, to high-tech products, multi-function products, will be failed.

People usually only focus on how to develop in the industry, ignores other industries, but some goods sell very well, other industries must be meet the demand of a large, if demand in the face of customers and their customers the same or close to, will mean that its potential business opportunities. Hardware is small, but the relationship is very close, from all walks of life is closely connected with hardware building materials, real estate and other industries. Hardware companies can in real estate, building materials market, looking for new way of market segmentation. Break the professional, industry, industry observation and thinking, become the development of the concept of product must be.

Electric cabinet lock principle can account for sex The development of new markets

No matter how good the market if the enterprise or product can’t occupy the market, then subdivided is no meaning, so must consider when market segment will how much sales enterprises to enter the market. According to this requirement, we are going to from the various segments of scale, development potential, purchasing power, etc. Normally, the enterprise marketing strategy and product when we have absolute confidence in the market purchasing power of the scale, development potential, and so on, the greater the enterprise to enter the market after sex is stronger, sales will be bigger