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Buy a lock will learn three recruit!

Author:   Time:2015/1/22 8:57:29

Buy a lock will learn three recruit!

When we want to buy a thing, will certainly to know in advance what kind of cheap, what kind of good, he, and so on.. So, buy a lock again, we have which is must be what time is it? Let zhejiang Zhong Zheng lockers to tell us!

Buy a lock must know that the three points

A, the surface

General surface treatment has three kinds of electroplating, spray and shaded, these can form a layer of protective film of product surface treatment, anti-corrosion and anti-rust role, at the same time, make the product more beautiful and durable. Good quality locks, generally USES the plating processing, coating is moderate, is very uniform, bright color, no bubbles, signs of rust and oxidation.

Second, the material

The electric cabinet lock locks material on the market basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron, steel and aluminum. Stainless steel strength good, strong corrosion resistance, color the same, is the best building materials; lock Copper is general, mechanical performance is superior, the price also expensive; High quality zinc alloy solid wear-resisting, anti-corrosion ability is very strong, easy to shape, commonly used to produce intermediate lock.

Three, weight, and sound

To weigh weight, than feel, listen to the voice. Corners of the product, made from hollow material and inferior materials, this material is very light to weigh in hand, use the handle also is very poor, sound very boring; Good lock.

ok The above is the buy a lock necessary 3 action Do you understand?