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Lock installation, selection and maintenance

Author:   Time:2015/1/22 8:59:37

The installation of the door lock

A, had better look for an experienced carpenter or master of locks for installation. And according to the product manual of hole spacing pattern, chisel supporting nest box, lock the gusset plate and lock hole, in order to prepare before installation;

Second, check whether the hole dug by the accurate, and must be strictly according to the steps in the product installation instructions. If found after installation lock don’t or can’t open, flexible switch should be timely consulting a locksmith. The distributor or its production of the enterprise technical service department, after-sales service department, so that to solve problems;

Three, after waiting for good door brush paint and dry (preferably in more than two or three days) lock remounted again, the purpose is: to avoid the paint stick on lock products, affect the appearance and performance because of the wet paint through chemical gases will to corrosion products, accelerate product surface treatment - and reduce the service life of locks.

Door lock picking

A, should choose to have the quality guarantee of manufacturer production of famous brand locks;

Second, pay attention to the choose and buy, and also open direction lock our door;

Three, pay attention to the door frame size, ball lock and hold hand lock can install the door frame of not less than 90 cm; More importantly, if you choose to hold hand to each function lock handle, lock panel shape is consistent, make a bedroom more coordination; It is worth mentioning that general door locks for 38 ~ 40 mm thick, but can be extended to 50 mm.

The door of maintenance

A, do not drops of oil into the lock. If the key open is not flexible, can be the key intraocular some pencil lead dust; If inadvertently spherical lock the house insurance chronological rotated 90 degrees is a permanent, this can only be opened with a key, the insurance must be resumed 90 degrees counterclockwise. Need to correct the consumer is often a misunderstanding, don’t use wet cloth to wipe the lock body and holding hands, prevent rust.

2, close the door when had better hold the hand of board, the lock tongue precession lock body, close the door and then let go; Do not force into the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the lock.

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