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Locks the outlook _ lock market in China

Author:   Time:2015/1/22 9:01:19

With the trend of global economic integration, China’s lock industry started the brand, the road of international industry. With the continuous development of lock technology, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer the locks.

According to a data show: at present, the domestic lock industry with annual sales of 40 billion yuan of above, the production capacity of more than 2 billion sets, exports more than 10 billion yuan, annual sales of 5 million yuan of above 1000 locks production enterprises, especially in China’s zhejiang, guangdong, shandong and other places has formed a mature ZhiSuoYe industry cluster. Believe in the future for a long time, Chinese locks market will remain at an annual rate of more than 20% growth. We all know zhongshan xiaolan lock has "the lock city south," said, while we are in wenzhou have the reputation of "locks in China". Here, Zhong Zheng let together with colleagues from all walks of life continue to improve their own technology, in wenzhou, in China, and the world locks to their meager strength!

Since the reform and opening up, China’s locks to all over the world. At the same time also constantly improve the people’s standard of living, more and more people live in the high-grade apartments, subsequently and come to be lock market optimistic prospect. At the same time, such as cars, houses, high-grade office buildings and hotels pillar industry and national defense, public security, with the rapid development of financial system, such as the growing demand for high defensive locks products, high-grade became popular locks, such as IC card electronic door locks, electronic combination lock, encryption type magnetic card door locks, building intercom security system, and the valve lock, fingerprint lock, etc.

Has a keen sense of business early seized the huge opportunity, pushing into high-grade lock market. Because high-end locks high technical content, more prominent human nature, personalized features, so the product has a high profit. Add locks product upgrading of speed, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream in the lock.

Even so, China’s development is slow the locks. Basically has the following two reasons:

One is the increased cost of raw materials. With the increase of iron and steel costs, many cost increase of the downstream industry, locks the market is no exception, the increased cost of raw materials, makes the constrained the development of some enterprises, profit margins become smaller, increased competition, these also seriously affect the establishment of the brand.

Second, the general lack of brand awareness. China locks enterprises small in scale, leading enterprises is not much, not good impetus to the development of lock industry, locks in China belongs to the low-end market, their own lack of brand consciousness, won’t pay attention to the establishment of the brand.