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Wei yu hang type and use skills how to maintain?

Author:   Time:2015/3/7 16:28:28

Bathroom pendant is written address, what is might think some ornaments. In fact, it is to point to install on the wall in the bathroom, bathroom, used to place or hang dry cleaning supplies, towels, clothing products. What is the common bathroom pendant? Wei yu hang what use skills? How to maintain bathroom pendant? Here the author detailed introduce bathroom pendant for your knowledge.

Bathroom accessories for general hardware products, including: hook, single towel lever, double towel bar, single cup frame, double beverage holder, soap dish, soap nets, towel ring, towel rack, dresser, toilet brush, towel rack, double shelf, etc. Its size is not fixed, need to buy, can to learn more about the market.

For the most common, is also the most difficult to install the wei yu hang towel rack, towel ring, towel bar, towel), to provide you with the installation of the following steps:

1. The towel ring from ground height 90-140 cm; Towel bar from ground height 110-120 cm; (double pole: towel rack can be installed on the wall of the toilet is the central part of the open. If need to separate installation, will be about 1.5 meters from the ground. The single pole towel rack, can be installed on the wall of the toilet is the central part of the open, about 1.5 meters from the ground) bath towel rack installation is at the top of the tub, generally across the bibcock, from a height of 160 cm.

2. The towel rack installation, use plastic expansion tubes with copper screw a ceramic tile wound is small, easy to operate, second will not rust, easy to maintenance.

3. The color of towel rack shall be the faucet, mirror (such as make-up round mirror), matching water on the leading edge is silvery white, the edge of the towel rack also if the silver, or simply no edge, but don’t use golden edge, otherwise it will make people feel very not harmonious.

4. Before installation, usable hand pinched the hanging rod end of the towel rack, from one end to another with another hand wipe again, inferior quality will touch the small burrs, peeling off even a color chip. These ills, by the naked eye is hard to find. The other should pay attention to the base of the rack plating and coating quality. Perspective with incident light is about 70 ° relative to more easily detect any defect.

5. On the base of fixed point, usually with a screw, the screw can’t slip teeth, teeth rot, it would be difficult to fixed (when the choose and buy the available small screwdriver to try).

For sanitary accessories installed doesn’t work, we will have to pay attention to the following maintenance it at ordinary times, can let him longer.

1, get into the habit of open window, keep clear of the bathroom air, dry wet depart bathroom pendant is the best way of maintenance

2, wei yu hang surface often should wipe with a soft cotton cloth and water, in order to make sure pendant, shiny luster, as far as possible need not washing liquid cleaning, never use corrosive acid and alkali solution

3, paint coating corrosion has a great effect on the surface of a pendant, don’t let the paint stick to hang on.

4, do not use abrasive sponge and containing corrosive action, dissolving and acid detergent, bleach, vinegar and so on to clean the bathroom hangs, because has the corrosion effect on the pendant, lead to hang lose luster or leave scratches.

Bathroom pendant is is an important part of the bathroom, for its importance, we also cannot ignore, let oneself also learn some knowledge of bathroom pendant.