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Correct judgment wei yu hang coating method

Author:   Time:2015/3/7 16:49:00

Sanitary ware accessories appearance and style is the be clear at a glance, is very good choice, but the bathroom pendant coating is the most difficult to identify, for the average consumer, thought that the coating is the same, actually otherwise, the coating processing is very important for pendant, it is related to the service life of the product, the smoothness and wear-resisting degree, at the same time, in addition to the tube during the manufacture of the coating processing is the rack body outside the biggest cost of material, the following taught you some of the ways to judge the coating.

1, the high quality glossy coating is exquisite, there is a feeling of moist, while the inferior coating tarnish;

2, high quality coating is very flat and the inferior coating that he will have a wavy surface of ups and downs, and even some bad products surface sag, and so on and so forth;

3, more wear-resisting, observe businesses out of sanitary fitting samples, the same daily cleaning, good product surface is basically will not be worn. You can judge the as long as according to the above three points, the coating quality bathroom pendant.