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Bathroom pendant is introduced

Author:   Time:2015/3/7 17:11:42

Sanitary ware accessories are often installed in toilet and bathroom wall, bathroom pendant, cleaning supplies and towel clothing can be placed bathroom pendant material including: single towel bar, towel ring, double towel bar, soap dish, double, single cup frame, hook shelf, double beverage holder, soap nets, towel rack, toilet brush, dresser, bath towel rack, etc.

Wei yu hang figure compared with faucet surface coating treatment.

Wei yu hang pictures

The material

Sanitary ware accessories products both copper plating plastic material, also have copper and polishing copper products in the market, is more of chromium plating and alloy plating chromium and iron chrome plated and chrome plated material such as stainless steel, the titanium alloy pendant that defend bath more high-grade, the choose and buy should pay attention to identify.


Buy sanitary ware accessories with your domestic outfit style integration. Contemporary and contracted design decoration to choose concise wei yu on the surface of the silver ornaments, and should choose the classical European style and pastoral style and bronze and bronze ornaments, style to decorate room collocation is proper, can make the bathroom pendant can be well integrated into the space that defend bath, more can show the space defending bath of comfort and elegance.

The plating

Sanitary ware accessories framework surface coating, plastic plating chromium plating and polishing copper processing and processing, good in chromium plating on the surface of the coating is 28 microns thick. The coating evenly and structure closely, use the effect is good.


When the choose and buy according to personal habits and customs, to choose the need to install or buy accessories, if women want to choose to install multi-functional framework. Pendant size is usually 60 cm. Can also be in accordance with the size of the toilet in the home to determine the size of the widget. If your toilet is very small, please do not install the towel bar in the shower, so that in the shower when bruised by moving, in order to keep the shower space is large, can be installed in the bathroom pendant in easy to take take items, to ensure that when bathing, can enough with her hand, as for the towel bar between wei yu, can be placed far from shower area slightly some corner, the benefits of this is when you take a shower, also won’t put clean wet towel, can guarantee the health clean. The toilet brush and paper holder are installed on both sides of the toilet, as for the double towel rack and hang clothes hook, to install in the corner, such ability can avoid to meet, also can make the clothes are not wet.