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What sanitary hardware pendant material

Author:   Time:2015/3/7 17:15:19

Sanitary ware accessories accessories which material is better? General installation inside the bathroom, bathroom hardware pendant can put clothes. Bathroom hardware pendant is mainly used to put a towel and bath towel, such as common bath shower products, you can also put other products.

What kind of material is better, sanitary accessories on the market at present are unclear, below small make up to introduce these materials.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom hardware pendant material: copper, H59 copper recovery and processing of copper zinc alloy, the difference is mainly because the price of raw materials to 2-30000, its terminal sale price will be higher, individual phenomenon, such as the tap also can appear the H59 copper is a kind of electrolytic copper environmental protection, no harm to human body.

Zinc alloy mainly contain zinc molecules followed by covers metal elements such as iron and copper alloy materials, aluminum alloy aluminum space in the bathroom pendant, actually there is no space aluminum bathroom hardware accessories, the so-called space aluminum, metal magnesium as raw material, for the synthesis of secondary aluminum alloy. Magnesium molecules because of its structure has a real activity, easy explosion during processing, so this kind of material processing workshop for explosion-proof commonly workshop, in mainly in the production of magnesium alloy domestic enterprises need is the national audit of level of strength, this kind of product used in high-tech aviation.

There are several kinds of specifications of stainless steel models, the material itself is not the same.

Our common in the market is 304 types of stainless steel and, of course, has also been on the market in 202 and 201 (stainless steel) 403 order level model can replace 304 raw materials, can want to get this product in the event of a qualitative change, eventually damage the interests of consumers.

For plastic and wood raw materials and materials such as acrylic bathroom pendant has its own advantages and disadvantages exist. Bathroom hardware pendant in the Chinese market is industry standard and country such as Europe or the americas has itself is different This includes the natural environment and a series of water quality in national weather climate factor conditions, technological process of bathroom hardware pendant, small make up want to and you simply described as follows:

Raw materials, cutting, stamping, lathe work, millers, bending, welding, inspection, polishing, plating, assembly, packaging, shipping

(note: knowledge is derived from the bathroom pendant to China one of the top ten brand of emperor the bathroom).

Like here we introduce some common sense about hardware accessories:

How to choose the copper bathroom pendant?

See material pledge.

All copper casting hang wei yu product structure closely, to weigh in hand, it lay particular stress on some than similar products, and feel more really, solid and durable;

(2) the coating.

Standard or relatively good electrical coating not only can make the product surface smooth and delicate, and even, also can avoid oxidation and rust in the middle of the moist environment. With the surface of the eye to see the pendant, if the surface no blisters, uniform coating, can choose.

(3) process.

Through standard to carry on the processing of strict production process, often have complex machining - polishing - welding - inspection, product appearance beautiful, use performance is good, and feel is also very good and without blemish.

Hang how to maintain?

Regular cleaning products, in order to keep its appearance is bright and clean bright; 2, clean with clear water or neuter cleaner product surface, then wipe dry with a soft towel. 3, cleaning products, do not use chemicals or corrosive cleaner, especially has frosted effect of cleaner and coarse cloth wipe clean; 4, pay attention to the hidden location cleaning products, timely cleaning and can make products is like new.

What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is chromium content more than 12%, thus has not rusted features of a large family of iron base alloy copper.

Sanitary ware accessories has slowly become fashionable mainstream products to decorate a room, can bring the comfortable and convenient in our daily life, the choose and buy is a need to acquire knowledge, how to choose a good sanitary hardware accessories products, shu xin, suggest that choose industry top ten brand of sanitary ware series products, such as emperor, emperor mark lang, ya, ya ding wei yu product)

Although sanitary ware accessories for the whole space that defend bath is just the tip of the iceberg, but to create an atmosphere of wei yu do have the effect of the finishing touch. Therefore, strong creative, concise and easy, elegant quality, with the integral collocation between wei yu fitting parts by the favor of consumers. "Experts said. Along with the deepening of the concept of" creating details between wei yu, fittings that defend bath on the material, color, shape and pattern, great changes have taken place in the consumers have greater choice space. On the material from stainless steel, the lacquer that bake, chrome plating, etc., let us consumer choice provided the more space, here small make up just four common material of sanitary ware accessories accessories comprehensive introduction.

When the choose and buy, consumer must understand parts of basic material is copper or stainless steel chrome plating, because both look from the appearance, only little difference. Generally speaking, the copper is better than stainless steel plating branded product prices higher, but also more durable than stainless steel chrome plated.

Certain news from wenzhou shower shower products internal technical staff to write, reproduced please indicate.