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Towel wei yu hang an installation method

Author:   Time:2015/3/7 17:17:40

Towel wei yu hang an installation method.

Towel sanitary ware accessories including towel ring and towel bar, bath, etc.

1. The towel ring installation

Towel ring is made of chrome-plated steel tube or stainless steel or plastic processing into finished products, such as round, square, triangle installed in the bathroom wash basin, near towel ring fixed point average height is 900-1400 mm off the ground.

When wei yu hang towel ring installation, according to the first scheduled installation height with electric drill holes on the wall, pore size 8 mm, 50 mm hole deeply. In the hole plug person X 46 mm plastic expansion tubes or wedge, towel ring in place, with the X 40 mn, wood screw through the towel ring at the base of the hole screw plastic expansion tube or wedge.